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Sacred Water:
Men's Path to Renewal

Immerse yourself in the depths of your essence, where the sacred waters of transformation cascade. Answer the call to adventure with Sifu Adam K Hansen & Paul White on a transformative odyssey – an expedition meticulously crafted to awaken the dormant warrior within you.

Key Features: Sacred Water - Men's Path to Renewal Retreat

🌊 Embark on a Paddle to Self-Discovery: Navigate the pristine waters to Eurimbula, forging unity and connection among brothers as you commence your inner journey. 🔥 Cacao Ceremony & Breathwork: Surrender to the sacred cacao by the flickering firelight. Engage in transformational breathwork to shed the old, paving the way for a profound rebirth. 🌅 Sunrise Meditation & Qigong: Awaken with the sunrise and participate in meditative Qigong, harmonizing mind and body to dance with the energy of renewal. 💪 Qigong Wrestle & Breath of New Beginnings: Confront inner conflicts symbolically through Qigong wrestling. Breathe in the intention of a new self, embracing strength and vulnerability. 🌌 Circle of Sharing & Pack-Up: Share echoes of transformation in a supportive circle. Symbolically pack up camp, leaving behind what no longer serves on your path to clarity. 🛶 Paddle Back with Brotherhood: Every stroke on the return journey carries the weight of shared experiences, forging a resilient brotherhood bound by vulnerability and strength. 🌟 Limited Spaces Available: Reserve your spot in this life-altering retreat. Spaces are limited, ensuring an intimate and impactful experience for all participants. 🎁 Exclusive Bonus: Every participant receives a personalized transformation toolkit, enhancing your post-retreat journey of self-discovery. 📆 Date & Location: Date: March 9th-10th, 2024 Location: Eurimbla National Park to Seventeen Seventy Don't miss the chance to embark on this sacred journey. [Register Now] and unlock the warrior within.

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Limited Offer:
2 Day Transformational Bootcamp

9-10th March 2024

Enroll today in Sacred Water: Men's Path to Renewal, a transformative retreat that will help you connect with your inner self, releasing the daily stresses of life. Don't miss the early bird opportunity for a $200 discount.

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