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In the classroom, work place and online, rewire humanity to see this age old Tactic for what it really is.  
We are creating a future where Bullying no longer exists.

As a means of confronting the increasing problem of Bullying as well as Cyber-Bullying. Cyber bullying has steadily increased and is one of the tactics bullies are using against students and workers as well as verbal and physical harassment.

The Forgotten Arts Inc  Program has been designed to provide assistance to managers, workers, schools, teachers, parents and the victims of bullying. We recognise that both the Bully and the Bullied require special assistance in the understanding of their behavioural patterns and are therefore committed to teaching these insights under our personalised specialist guidance.

This program is designed to be taught with one instructor and one assistant for a one hour session, keeping in accordance with Duty of Care. 

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